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3C Products

The Business Reputation of 3C Composed Material Housing

COTECH Brightened Shell patented technology produces environmental friendly, and cost effectively and hugh yield rate carbon shells.
COTECH having years experience on composite production technology, with integrated processes of high throughput and low cost consumables leads to mass production.
 Carbon NoteBook Computer Shell Technology
Acer Ferrari (World 1st Carbon NB)
ASUS Lamborghini
 NB Antenna, Shell and structure integrated Technology
HP/Voodoo ENVY 133
 Hard Shell Technology(4H) for Mobile Phones
Nokia Carbon Arte 8800
 Automatic integration of carbon shell and mechanical structure
RF transparent material, process and production
New forming technology development for IT component
Metal and Glass composite materials forming technology development
Uni-body forming technology development
Thermal Plastic material (e.g PET fiber with PC) forming by Autoclave